Sunday, August 8, 2010

When In Doubt....Do Laundry

Yes, I've been woefully neglectful of this blog. Life got in the way of my blogging and personal goals. In fact I lost sight of having any personal goals whatsoever. Now I'm in a more reasonable place and have been anxious to return to both a personal life and this blog. So, let's get on, shall we.

Over the past several months I've had several competing priorities which culminated in total very little progress in anything. This morning I was thinking how when our lives are feeling out of control, our basic routines and chores can be quite grounding, bringing us back to basics and often having a calming effect if we let them. Although most of us regard laundry as a necessary evil of life, and I admit to experiencing this perspective, it can be an act of meditation, even a commune with nature.

A couple years ago I installed a retractable clothesline on the back of my house. I bought the clothesline at a garage sale for $5 (I had priced them much higher for a new one). My neighbors seemed intrigued by such a device and at a loss as to why I would choose to dry clothes on the line. They concluded that I was going "Green". Truth be told, this is how I grew up. Drying clothes on the line is how we lived, at least during the warmer months. Not only is it efficient and energy saving, but your clothes and linens smell outdoor fresh. Admittedly, I line dry several items in the house, certain delicates that I don't wish to share with my neighbor, or just in general during the colder months.

Doing laundry is a lot like breathing. It is a basic necessity and can serve as an act of grounding meditation. Not to mention it can get you outdoors if you use a clothesline. Next time you do the laundry try thinking of it as a gift you give to yourself and your family, the gift of clean clothes. No matter how crazy life gets, laundry is always there waiting for you.


  1. Thanks for the nice post. I air dry everything year round on a couple clothes drying racks. I love that I am not wasting energy and that our clothes last longer. The best thing is that meditative time that you get hanging each article of clothing until it is just right.

  2. Kristine, I was just thinking this exact thing today as I hung the washing on the line outside - it's very meditative and I really enjoyed it. In New Zealand here we have always hung washing outside. Dryers were (and still are for a lot of us) a luxury as they use so much power, and as you say are harder on clothes. I really enjoyed this post. Merci.

    (formerly of La Vie En Fifi)


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