Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful Doesn't Seem Strong Enough

My head hurts. My shoulders and neck ache. My knee is sore. I'm bruised and tired and a little anxious. Above is a photo of my car, or at least what's left of it. It will likely be totaled out by the insurance company given it's missing the front half of the engine. Yesterday around 5:30 pm I was in my first car accident. Given my age I'm sure the fact it was my first accident makes me quite lucky. The fact that I walked away from it without serious injury makes me extremely lucky. This is what can happen to any of us. Unexpected stopped traffic after a blind curve on an interstate.

Thanks to the kind man from the crash site who drove me back to my hotel. He went well beyond the call of duty.

And thanks to Bob who helped me to decompress following the accident. Once back here at the hotel, I crossed paths with Bob, an MD who was a presenter at one of my conference sessions. We chatted and I mentioned I couldn't leave because I had just been in an accident and no longer have a car. He was very sweet and concerned for my well-being. He insisted on getting me liquored up since the only other thing he knew to do was to take a C-spine film and there were no X-Ray machines readily available, so we opted for some wine followed up with a good amount of scotch. We toasted my being alive and well. He helped me to forget my woes and we had a lovely visit. I owe him a debt of gratitude.

A day later I have a plan in place to get myself home. I had hoped to be home by today, but the entire city is sold out of rental cars until late tomorrow. So hopefully I'll get to go home then. I love and miss my car; I'm distressed to see it go. I'm worried that I can't afford to replace it. But aside from practical details, I'm profoundly grateful to be here. I know that I it could have been so much worse. The other two individuals involved also walked away unhurt.

Just in time for Thanksgiving the Universe gave me a reminder that things can be replaced, but the people and loved ones in our lives are irreplaceable, whether family, friends, good Samaritans or our loving animal friends.


  1. I'm glad you walked away from that and are ok. That's a scary feeling, but it seems like you are handling it very well and taking it in stride. You are right, it's replaceable but you are not. Good luck!

  2. Thank goodness you are fine. It is the moments like these that really set our priorities straight. Take care and travel home safely...I'd keep up the scotch for a few days, that is a very nasty shock, xv.

  3. I am so glad to hear that you are okay. We do have so much to be thankful for!

    I am rather new to your blog. I have a little something for you on my blog. Please do not feel like you must respond - my hope is to send others your way. :)

    I do hope you take things easy and allow yourself the time to get over the shock and heal.

    xo Cat

  4. Thanks so much Stephanie, Vicki & Cat! I appreciate your support. :)


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