Monday, December 7, 2009

BlissChick’s January Question

Photo by BlissChick

BlissChick’s blog, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is beautiful, wise and insightful. She recently posted that she will provide a monthly question for which she wants her readers to write responses which will be posted on her site as actual blog entries (guidelines here). I don't plan to post my responses to these questions on her site, however I believe these questions are provocative and will help me on my path to my own bliss. The question for January is below as well as linked.

On an airplane, they remind you to give yourself
oxygen before worrying about a child or an elderly person.
If you can't breathe, you can't help anyone else.
How do you make sure to give yourself
necessary "oxygen" in your day to day life?

I took a couple days to consider BlissChick’s question. The only thing I can think of is coffee. It is the one thing I enjoy that I do daily, often multiple times per day. It’s my comfort. I just don’t think it’s enough and I don’t think it’s the healthiest habit/indulgence though I do generally drink half caf/decaf. Although I enjoy it and occasionally need it, I think it maybe a short-term oxygen replacement rather than the real thing.

I’ve been experiencing a malaise of sorts the past month. I think I’ve been running on empty for quite a while now and a month ago a situation at work left me feeling unsupported and questioning why I even try to improve things when others are being unaccountable. This occurred just before I left for my conference. Although I felt I couldn’t afford to be away from work, I was committed to the conference so I took the attitude of allowing myself to feel my feeling of discontent, go to the conference and allow the change of pace to restore me. Then the car crash occurred which resulted in another stress-induced adrenaline rush for the next week or two. Late last week I recognized how disconnected I was feeling which I chalk up to chronic stress and a lack of self-care. My main source of decompression (and this doesn’t in any way count as oxygen) is losing myself in movies or tv programs on dvd (preferably British mysteries). I’ve been doing this much more frequently lately than I prefer.

So one thing is clear, it’s time to place some focus on how to manifest more oxygen into my life. I need self care rituals which are nourishing, nurturing and supportive. Clearly there is more to come as I explore this topic.


  1. What an excellent initiative even if you are answering on your own blog. You cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself, so it wise to find as many moments as you can to breathe. I agree with coffee (and tea) time, but also showers. My showers are my time too!

  2. I use the British Mysteries as self care on a regular basis! In particular, Midsomer Murders! It's a way to relax and lose myself in the mystery and beauty of the English countryside as well as the show itself. I know what you mean about doing it more often than you'd like. I have the whole series now and have moved on to Hamish MacBeth, Monarch of the Glen, and on and on!! Couple the mysteries with a pot of tea and a scone or two and I can't think of a better way I'd want to spend a little time off.

  3. Andi, I used to take long hot baths, but since moving into my current home, the bathtub is very shallow and is not conducive to that ritual. I've been thinking about replacing the tub. Maybe I should do it sooner rather than later.

    Laura, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Midsomer Murders! I do not have the entire series yet (though I have seen them all) but I'm working on it. ;) I'm really looking forward to 2010 in part because they are releasing the 3 dvd sets that make up the last season of the show starting in February and I am so looking forward to it. I'll be having a Midsomer Marathon! Presently I've nearly worked my way through the Inspector Lyndley series and I've just discovered "Touching Evil" (thank you, library!). I love books, but sometimes having a visual of the countryside is just what the doctor ordered.


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