Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter - How to Cope

After several weeks of frigid temperatures, I enjoyed a weekend with temps in the 40sF, albeit with rain. Now temps have plummeted again exacerbated by wind chills. I'm finding it hard to be motivated. The only one I know who actually looks forward to going outside is my German Shepherd. It's been weeks since we have had a sunny day. It takes a toll. Even the blooms have nearly all fallen off my Christmas cactus, pictured above just before New Year's in full bloom.

The nice thing about this time of year is that it is a perfect excuse to nest. Declutter, organize, clean, etc. An opportunity to focus on the interior rather than the exterior. But sometimes, all too frequently I want to just bundle up, sit by the fire and stay warm. This time of year I'm also prone to early bedtimes. Crank up the electric mattress pad and jump under the covers. There a small projects to keep me busy. Opportunities are always there, but it just "seems" harder when it's so cold.

How do you make it through the cold and gloom?


  1. I sieze the napping opportunity like you and bundle up, go to bed early, take warm bubble baths. However it doesn't get all that cold here so I have breaks of warm weather like last week and it doesn't seem so bad or an extended period of really cold weather. I think decluttering is a great idea. I'm slowly painting my walls in the house room by room so i do a little every night and that has really taken up a lot of my time.

    I'm rambling now! Sorry.


  2. Stephanie, you're not rambling, you're just answering my question. :)

    I too generally cope using hot baths, but the tub in this house is much too shallow. I need to figure a way to block the top drain so I can fill it.

  3. I spend a good chunk of the day dreaming of places like Vegas!

  4. i make it through winter with pretty coffee shops and knits!

  5. Now don't get upset with me. . . I like a little cold gloom, particularly when it is accompanied by tons of snow, but then of course it is no longer gloomy. Not crazy about cold rain however. That's what we had today.

    This is what I did: Wrote my post, read a book, drank tea, dried off the dogs before they shook themselves all over the house. Et voila.

  6. As you said, nesting. For me it includes cooking, especially on the weekends. I also enjoy going outdoors and getting cold just so I can come indoors to my warm house.

  7. Hmmm...good question. This is actually something I'm struggling with now. Seattle is so dark and gloomy and this is my first winter here, that I'm having some trouble. Several people have suggested purchasing a lightbox. Have you ever tried that?


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