Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess Who's Coming For Dinner!

Picture courtesy of Amazon.com and Mireille Guiliano

Of all the blogs I read, many of those authors are fans of Mireille Guiliano. I was very excited to discover today that she is publishing a cookbook. Sadly there was no content info on Amazon and I've seen no mention of it on her website. I didn't even see a release date. I'm certain I'm not the only one to be excited by this news. Anyone else out there excited to see what this will be all about?


  1. I'm looking forward to this. I wonder when it's coming out? She usually releases books in October or November so maybe then?

  2. What great news! I love her books ... I just finished reading Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire, by her.

  3. I'd never even heard of this! Thanks for the tip. :-)

  4. Absolutely, I'll be very interested to read this. As I recall, her focus was on smaller amounts of great quality food, rather than denial or fast options. I imagine we'll be seeing lots of real butter used here (hopefully not as much as Julia Child though!), but balanced with healthy salads and fresh seasonal produce.

  5. i've always heard about the book French Women Don't Get Fat...but the cookbook is news to me! i could certainly use it!
    xox alison


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