Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update March Monthly Designs

The weather is beautiful here! Up to high 40s. The photo above is of my lilies waking. Very exciting.

March Designs Update
1. Continue one in/one out - Got a few things and preparing a Goodwill donation
2. No book buying - Done
3. Cook at home 3x/wk - Only 2x
4. Weekly week in review post about my monthly design accomplishments - Done
5. Daily exercise of at least 30min - All days except no consecutive 30 min on Mon & Tues
6. Cease eating by 7pm - All but 2 days
7. limit refined sugar to 1 serving 2x/wk. - needs work, 4 days
8. Increase veggie intake - Only slightly

Overall I'm moving in the right direction. I'm pleased with my exercise accomplishments, but need to pay more attention and effort to the food goals. Yesterday I enjoyed lovely walks and yard work. Woke up a bit sore today. Amazing how joyful it feels to work in the yard. Entertainment and exercise for zero money.

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